Elegant. Markup.
For Mac.

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Edit, style, preview and export
your Markdown in macOS.

With style. Like a breeze.


What you'll love


Getting started is really easy. Just open the editor and start writing. Your text will be automagically converted - as-you-type - without having to click a single button!

Lots of styles

Don't like the default theme? Markdown+ comes with 13 different, vibrant, stylish, awesome styles to choose from. Unleash your imagination!

Going everywhere

Markdown+ not only helps write the most elegant markup but also lets you export it with your preferred style. So, click Export and you are ready!


In 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Write your text

    Markdown+ supports all the markup you are already familiar with (CommonMark) - and does it with style!

  • 2

    Preview the result

    In the right-hand preview window, you can check the output at any given moment. You may change styles too!

  • 3

    Export it

    Are you satisfied with the result? Then, why not just export it to - styled - HTML and share it with the world?

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Works on macOS 10.10+.
Perfectly compatible with Monterey.

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